Eaga Charitable Trust

Eaga Charitable Trust (Eaga CT) is an independent grant-giving trust that currently supports projects and research that contribute to combating fuel poverty and ensuring that energy services are fair and accessible for all groups in society.

The Trust was founded by Eaga – now Carillion Energy Services – in 1993. Since the inception of Eaga Charitable Trust, Eaga (which is now part of Carillion plc as Carillion Energy Services) has donated over £3.3 million to the Trust, which the Trust has used to give grants for action and research projects.

The Board of Trustees

The eight Trustees who make up the Trust Board have considerable knowledge of economic, energy and social policy issues. Board members have advised Parliamentary Select Committees and worked in, or advised, Government departments. The Trust’s Chair is David Kidney and the Trust’s Manager is Naomi Brown.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Naomi Brown
Eaga Charitable Trust
PO Box 225
Telephone: 01539 736477

Email: [email protected]
Registered charity No: 1088361