The Fuel Poverty Subsidiary Study (FPSS)

Start Date September 2006
Completion Date June 2009
Grant Holders: National Centre for Social Research
Main Contact Jenny Harris, Senior Researcher


While there is an established evidence base for the link between poor physical health and fuel poverty, there is a lack of robust research exploring fuel poverty’s association with poor mental health. This study involves secondary analysis of data from the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey 2006/7 (APMS). The APMS is part of a series of surveys that provides the key national statistics on community mental health rates, by using specific psychiatric assessments rather than general mental health indicators. Analysis will focus on the relationship between mental health and various measures of fuel poverty, housing characteristics, and other aspects of financial strain.

Full report and research summary

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The Riviera Housing and Health Survey

Start Date 31 March 2002
Completion Date 31 December 2002
Grant Holders: Plymouth and South Devon Research and Development Support Unit
Main Contact Andy Barton, Co-ordinator, Plymouth and South Devon Research and Development Support Unit


The project aims:

  • To describe the health, particularly mental health, and well being of the residents of the social housing in Torquay, the condition of their housing and income.
  • To explore the relationships between physical and mental health, income and housing conditions.
  • To pave the way for two parallel studies: the first a randomised trial of whole house upgrades among a selected population in Torbay, and the second a randomised study with a factorial design attempting to tease out the differential effects of individual elements of a house upgrading programme.


Final report

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