Central heating: uncovering the impact on social relationships and household management

Start Date April 2002
Completion Date June 2003
Grant Holders: Plymouth and South Devon Research and Development Support Unit
Main Contact Meryl Basham, Researcher, Plymouth and South Devon Research and Development Support Unit


The project is focused around a before and after interview survey in households which do not yet have central heating but which will have it installed as part of the improvement programme of the Riviera Housing Trust, who manage the social housing in Torbay. The project aims to promote understanding of the wider social issues of living in cold households by assessing: use of the house, and the well-being, and relationships of the household; and energy use, methods of payment and costs. It will provide evidence to inform housing improvement strategy by assessment of: the factors influencing energy use of the household; residents’ knowledge of how to operate the heating system efficiently and effectively, and the importance of ventilation to the indoor environment; and relationships and well being of the household and beyond.

Final report

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