PhD Dissertation: Identification of Vulnerable Homes from the Fuel Poverty Concept. Indicator and Assessment Model

Grant Holder: Raúl Castaño De la Rosa, University of Seville, Higher Technical School of Architecture.  Thesis advisor: Professor Madelyn Marrero.
Main Contact : Raúl Castaño De la Rosa


This research, based on the analysis of different existing indicators of fuel poverty and its relationship to the residential sector, has been developed within the Spanish context taking into consideration the current situation of this issue in Spain. The novelty of this research is that the Index of Vulnerable Homes (IVH) defined goes beyond the use of single self-reported subjective indicators of thermal comfort, and instead uses the comfort adaptive models, which present a broader assessment of thermal comfort. Overall, the application of the IVH to the British context will bring a new perspective in the assessment and identification of vulnerable homes, and provide a starting point for new lines of research aimed at achieving optimal and efficient performances for households in great need.