Seasonal cold, thermal behaviour and temperature distributions in the homes of older people

Start Date October 2002
Completion Date June 2003
Grant Holders: University of Teesside, School of Health and Social Care
Main Contact Dr James Goodwin, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Teesside, School of Health and Social Care


The project aims to investigate the relationship between the thermal behaviour of older people, the thermal gradients within the home and outside winter cold. Its objectives are:

  • To examine the extent to which the activities of daily living of older people is related to indoor and outdoor winter cold
  • To provide data for further studies into the risks of indoor and outdoor cold on the health of older people
  • To provide data which will help to inform a health promotion message enabling the more healthy heating of homes, improvements in the degree to which older people are exposed to the cold and a reduction in the large numbers of excess winter deaths amongst older people.

Final report

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