Understanding the current state of play in fuel poverty research and identifying and prioritising opportunities for meaningful, evidence-led engagement

Start Date: January 2019
Completion Date: May 2019
Grant Holder: Sustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit, (SHUSU), University of Salford
Main Contact: Dr Graeme Sherriff, Research Fellow, Associate Director, SHUSU, University of Salford
Email: G.Sherriff@salford.ac.uk


Fuel poverty research is rapidly developing in a range of directions that offer conceptual richness alongside empirical rigour. Taking stock and looking forward is an important part of Eaga CT’s legacy. This project utilises a three-stage Delphi methodology to produce a ‘state of the field’ report that identifies and explores current directions of fuel poverty research, ‘evidence gaps’, areas of disagreement and challenges for the future. It commences with a web-based survey of a wide range of invited stakeholders and this is followed by a follow-up survey intended to consolidate and prioritise interim findings. Finally, a set of ten expert interviews will provide an opportunity to contextualise findings from the surveys.