Eaga Charitable Trust

Eaga Charitable Trust (Eaga CT) was founded by Eaga in 1993 as an independent trust. Since that time, Eaga plc donated over £3.3 million to enable the Trust to support research and community-based projects which focus on understanding and addressing the causes and effects of fuel poverty. Eaga Charitable Trust is widely recognised as the premier independent funder of research in the field of fuel poverty both nationally and internationally. It  grant-funds research into the causes of fuel poverty in the UK, and its grants programme is built around themes of health, wellbeing and social cohesion, and low-carbon policies, behaviours and practices.

The Trust’s research has influenced policy, contributed knowledge and provided solutions which are making a difference to people’s lives in households all over the UK. As the only remaining grant-giving trust that is dedicated to supporting fuel poverty research, Eaga CT combines research, policy and practice in a unique manner.

Eaga CT’s original endowment from Eaga is dwindling and, after being unable to identify a new source of funding, the Trustees have made the decision to close the Trust in late 2019. The Trustees of Eaga Charitable Trust are keen to ensure that the research products which the Trust has funded are preserved for future use, and that the Trust’s closure is marked in a positive way. They have commissioned the Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU) at the University of Salford to produce a high quality library of Eaga CT’s resources and create a series of post-closure legacy products which will demonstrate the breadth and celebrate the value of Eaga Charitable Trust’s work over its lifetime.  The research team at SHUSU is Dr Graeme Sherriff, Professor Philip Brown, Danielle Butler and Philip Martin.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Naomi Brown, Trust Manager
Eaga Charitable Trust
PO Box 225
Telephone: 01539 736477

Email: eagact@aol.com
Registered charity No: 1088361